NHS England Quality Assurance for South Reading CCG

NHS England Quality Assurance for South Reading CCG

South Reading Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) has passed their annual assurance review with NHS England Thames Valley with glowing feedback on all six of the judging criteria.

NHS England's assurance framework ensures that all CCGs continue to meet their responsibilities to patients and the public in six domains; quality of services, engagement, outcomes for patients, governance, partnership working and leadership.

South Reading CCG received praise for its progress with patient and public engagement and also received good 360 degree survey feedback. The CCG also drew praise for its 'positive achievement on the C. difficile infection and its work to appoint a new infection control nurse' at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

South Reading CCG was recognised for good progress on the Friends and Family test which measures whether former patients would recommend the service to others, should they need the same treatment. There was also praise for their recent dementia conference and the newly-launched Patient Engagement Group.

The inspectors also reviewed the CCG's governing body papers and observed board meetings, concluding that both were positive. Partnership working with other health bodies and the local authority also drew approval.

South Reading was commended for good practice in practice visits as well as for achieving targets for increased education and uptake of breast-feeding, bowel cancer screening, the number of diabetes patients receiving the nine care processes (BMI, blood pressure, smoking, glucose levels (HbA1c), and serum cholesterol, digital eye photography, laboratory urine microalbumin: creatinine ratio, serum creatinine and foot nerve and circulation examination; and cardiovascular checks. It was noted that the childhood immunisation target had been missed by just eight cases.

Matthew Tait, director of NHS England, Thames Valley, said: "It's clear that South Reading CCG has developed over the year as an organisation and that clinical and managerial leadership combine into a positive driving force, both at a CCG level and as part of the Berkshire West Federation. The CCG met all financial statutory duties and this is to be commended with the good practice demonstrated by the clinical walkabouts that you undertake within the provider organisations."

Dr Elizabeth Johnston, South Reading CCG Chair, added: "All of us in the South Reading CCG team are proud to have achieved these results while operating under tight budget constraints. As ever, there is still work to be done in the areas of pressure on A&E departments and improvements to NHS 111. However, significant work has been done and we are working in partnership with other bodies to make it happen."

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