Little Blue Book of Sunshine

Little Blue Book of Sunshine

Teenagers across Berkshire West are getting help and tips on dealing with mental health problems from a ‘little blue book of sunshine'.

The book, which has been commissioned by the Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups, has been delivered to every secondary school in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire for pupils aged 14 and above to keep and refer to whenever they are feeling blue.

Sally Murray, Head of Children’s Commissioning, said: “It is important that children have the confidence to speak out if they are feeling down, anxious or stressed out at times.

The little blue book of sunshine explains that if they are feeling these things it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a mental illness or they are at risk of getting one in the future. But it does remind them that most people who fall ill with mental health problems do recover. Talking to people they trust can make a big difference and help is always out there.”

The book also has a check list of things that may worry young people, and tips on how to deal with anxiety, stress, body image and eating problems, relationships and anger.

An advertising campaign has been launched to promote the book on buses, phone boxes and bus shelters across the towns and also on Instagram so children on their way to school, socialising or on social media will be encouraged to pick up a book from their school.

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