CCG and Patient Voice join Patient Leadership Programme

CCG and Patient Voice join Patient Leadership Programme

Thames Valley NHS England and Oxford Academic Health Science Network are piloting a Patient Leadership Development programme which will see patient leaders and NHS clinical & managerial staff work together on how best to ensure patients and public are involved in the full range of NHS planning.

The innovative new development programme will focus on creating a dialogue between patient leaders and clinical & managerial NHS leaders. It is aimed at co-producing sustainable and participative decision-making, while ensuring patients and public are involved in the full range of NHS planning.

The programme will develop new ways to involve patients and the public in strategic thinking and planning of health and social care services and so needed to recruit senior influential clinical and managerial professional colleagues who are interested in piloting, shaping and developing this programme and who will act as Patient Leadership Champions.

Two of the first people to be recruited to the programme are from NHS South Reading CCG and the South Reading Patient Voice.

Karen Grannum, Commissioning Manager said 'it is really exciting to be part of such a project. This will provide the CCG with the skills and resources to deliver meaningful patient engagement in South Reading and hopefully provide a blueprint for others to follow'.

'As part of my role, I support the patient voice, which we see as being critical to shape and influence the services we provide.'

Carol Munt, Chair of South Reading Patient Voice, added, 'I am delighted to be a part of this pilot project. It is a positive move to encourage Patient and Public Involvement in the future of the NHS.

'We will have the opportunity to exchange ideas about the most effective way to carry this programme forward. Instead of the NHS just talking about 'Patient and Public Involvement' we are being asked to help with a programme to make it effective. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak up for Patients and the Public.'

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