This allows any member of the public to request access to information held by public sector organisations in the UK, including the NHS. 

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act was was passed in 2000 and became fully effective in 2005. 

The Act differs from the Data Protection Act (1998) in that it allows you to request non-personal information.

So, for example, where you should use the Data Protection Act to access your medical records, you would use the FOI Act to access general business information held by the CCG. If you would like to access your medical records, please contact your GP practice directly.

How to Request Information

Requests made under the Act must be submitted in writing, including a name and contact address. Email requests are perfectly acceptable, as long as it is possible to reply to your email address.

Before you submit a request, please check the information you are looking for is not already published on this website, as it is regularly updated.

Contact details are as follows:
The FOI Lead
South Reading Clinical Commissioning Group
57-59 Bath Road
Reading, Berkshire RG30 2BA


The CCG has an obligation to answer your request within 20 working days.


There are some exemptions to the disclosure of information under the Act, which may mean we cannot supply you with everything you have requested.

Publication Scheme
The FOI Publication Scheme describes the information held by the CCG which is routinely made available to the public, with details of where to find it. You should not need to make a specific FOI request to access this material.

Publication of spend over £25,000
As part of the Government's commitment to improve the transparency of how public funds are used, we are required to publish all expenditure over £25,000. You can view these monthly publications here.

The Information Commissioner
The Information Commissioner is the government official responsible for overseeing information laws in the UK. Any complaints or queries around the FOI Act can be directed to this office. The website of the Information Commissioner can be found at https://ico.org.uk.

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